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English Dharma Talk (Year 2020)
MP3 Download (Year 2020)
11th Jan 2020 Morning Meditation speech (Duration = 53:59  File Size = 12MB)
Meditation Retreat Sayalay Susila
12th Jan 2020 4pm Q&A session (Duration = 0:08:29  File Size = 15MB)
12th Jan 2020 meditation talk by Sayalay Susila 5pm Sharing (Duration = 34:09  File Size = 31MB)
12th Jan 2020 morning meditation talk (Duration = 0:16:47  File Size = 17MB)
Ven Dr Dhammapala - Paths to engligthenment and sainthood (Duration = 1:55:41  File Size = 105MB)
Ven Varanano - Metta (Duration = 1:43:13  File Size = 94MB)
Ven Sunanda - Kalama Sutta, thinking and investigation (Duration = 2:01:05  File Size = 110MB)
Bro Khoo Nee Wern - Bringing meanings and values in relationships  (Duration = 2:10:31  File Size = 119MB)