Shah Alam Buddhist Society (PPM-004-10-15121990)
Membership Application
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1. The applicant must be the Society Dharma School students and either of their parents is the Society Life membership / Associate membership.

2. All applications shall be submitted together the fees of RM10.00.

3. All applications shall be verified by the Society for approval.

1. The SABS membership is open for all Malaysian citizens or non-Malaysian
citizens who are not Muslim above the age of eighteen (18) years.
2. All application for membership shall be made in a prescribed form, i.e.
Membership Application Form (R41) and shall attach with a photocopy of the
NRIC and a passport size photo. The prescribed form can be obtained from the
Secretariat office of the Society.
3. The ‘Applicant’ is required to obtain the acknowledgement (signature) from
the ‘Introducer’ who is an existing member of the Society. The particulars of the
Introducer such as membership number, contact number and comments shall be
recorded into the form.
4. The duly completed form with the photo of the ‘Applicant’ shall be posted
on the notice board of the Society for one (1) month for public consent.
5. Should there be no objection from the public; the said application shall be
tabled in the Management Committee meeting for approval. The Management
Committee has the right to reject any application without any reason or replied
6. The Management Committee may remove a member from the Society register
if -
(a)  he/she has been found or declared to be of unsound mind;
(b)  he/she becomes bankrupt, which the Society is informed with a written
(c)  there has been prove against him/her, or he/she has been convicted on, a
charge in respect of -
(i)     an offence involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude;
(ii)    an offence under a law relating to registration of society (ROS); or
(iii)   any other criminal offence; or
(d)  he/she is otherwise converted to other religion other than Buddhism,
which the Society is informed with written letter.
7.   If the information provided in this application is found incorrect, withhold
relevant, requested information, he/she is likely to be excluded or removed from
Society register.
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Life Membership / Associate Membership Rules & Regulation
Download Application Form
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