Uncle Vijaya shared on Dependent Origination. According to Buddha’s teaching, all phenomena arise as the result of conditions and cease when those conditions change.

The condition in the past resulted in what is here in the present, and our present condition becomes the base for the formation of the future. 欲知前世因,今生受者是;欲知來世果,今生作者是。

The root causes of our suffering in this samsaric world, which are explained by the painting of a giant Yama holding the wheel of life. The center of the wheel (Or inner circle) is represented by 3 animals: A pig symbolise Ignorance, a rooster symbolise Greed and a snake symbolise Anger.

This is linked to the second circle which represented the good and bad actions, which in turn will result in birth into the 6 different realms. The outer most circle represents the 12 links in cause of existence, which are: 十二因缘法如下:
1. Avijja (Ignorance), 无明
2. Sankhara (Mental formation) 行
3. Vinnana (Consciousness) 识
4. Nama-rupa (Mind and matter) 名色
5. Salayatana (6 sense organs) 六入
6. Phassa (Contact) 触
7. Vedana (Sensation or feeling) 受
8. Tanha (Craving) 爱
9. Upadana (Grasping or attachment) 取
10. Bhava (Becoming) 有
11. Jati (Birth) 生
12. Jara-marana (Old age and death) 老死