In view of the current pandemic, Teachers of Sariputta class put in the effort with the help of technology to bring Homebased Dharma studies .

On sunday 17/5/2020 from 9.30am to 10.30am, we shared the first on-line Sunday Dharma home schooling to students.

This new norm enable us to continue dharma studies and activities for the benefit of 12 years old children.

We started with a short puja and guided meditation session. Thereafter, sis Margaret shared BUDDHISM AND WESAK . Followed with a quiz and sharing of merits.

As Dharma Teachers, we strive to ensure that we continue to serve the Buddhist community and ensure the Sunday Dharma School is a place for everybody to deepen their dharma knowledge and practise a Buddhist way of Life.

In unity we stand,
In harmony we strive,
The cause shall never end unti we see Buddha’s light.

Sariputta Teachers (Std 6):
Sis Margaret Ong
Sis Emily Chan
Sis Cynthia Lim
Sis Lim Soo Ping
Sis Sharine Yeoh